Game and Rabbit with Millet and Catnip

Holistic wet food for cats

Protein 10.8%
Fat 6.7%

Baskerville canned food is a complete wet food for cats with normal activity. Holistic food contains an important protein for pets. Its sources are meat and fish.  Artificial gluten and protein are not used in holistic food. Such food has everything what the pet needs. Strong immunity, shiny coat – these are just a few of the advantages that an animal receives after using the product.


  • contains meat and meat-by-products (68%), that fully provide the cat’s body with protein and animal fats.
  • millet is characterized by a particularly high content of vital substances, is very tasty and gluten-free, very suitable for food-sensitive pets.
  • linseed oil has a positive effect on the immunity and the digestive process of the animal.
  • catnip contains minerals such as magnesium, vitamins C and E, tannins and flavonoids. It also contains essential oils, which can help keep cats’ digestive systems healthy and can help relieve any gastrointestinal upset.
  • fortified with vitamins D3, E, B, zinc, biotin, iodine and other important elements that support the health of the pet.
  • no colorants, preservatives, flavors or synthetic additives.
Analytical Constituents
Protein (%) 10.8
Fat (%) 6.7
Crude ash (%) 2.4
Crude fiber (%) 0.4
Moisture (%) 79
Meat and Meat-by-products 68%
Millet 2%
Water/Broth 28.7%
Minerals 1%
Linseed Oil 0.2%
Catnip 0.1%
Nutritional additives / kg
Vitamin D3 (IE) 200
Vitamin Е (IЕ) 20
Vitamin В1 (mg) 10
Vitamin В2 (mg) 6
Vitamin В6 (mg) 2
Vitamin В12 (mcg) 75
Nicotinamide (mg) 15
Ca-Pantothenat (mg) 9
Folic acid (mg) 0.35
Biotin (mcg) 300
Choline chloride (mg) 1200
Zinc (mg) 25
Manganese (mg) 1.4
Iodine (mg) 0.75
Taurine (mg) 1500
Weight of animal Feed per day
2 kg 150 g
4 kg 200 g
6 kg 250 g